Artist's Statement
Design is one of the most important
elements in my work. I like to reduce the
subject to simple shapes. Another would be
my use of color.  It helps to define the mood
of the piece with contrasts of pure color
and grays.

People have commented that my paintings
are quiet and calm.

I welcome that  description.
In this time of uncertainty;
that my paintings may invoke a sense of
peace, is my highest compliment.
Watercolor Artist
December 2008
Ones To Watch
Ten of the most promising watercolor artists.
Jessica Canterbury

American Artist
April 2007
Turning Photographic Images into Veils of Watercolor
M. Stephen Doherty

Watermedia Focus
Issue 22, 2000
Exaggerating local color - Building on Perception
William B. Lawrence

The Palette Magazine
Cover art, Issue 10, 2004
Painting Abroad, Ordinary Subjects and Unusual Designs
Christopher Schink

Lynchburg Living
July/August 2007
Artist Focus:  Karen Newell Blaesing
Mari White Smallshaw
The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's 30th
Annual Juried Exhibition 2009
The Sylvan Grouse Guild Member

The National Watercolor Society's 86th Annual
Exhibition 2006
NWS Traveling Show 2007
The Potomac Valley Watercolorists Award
The Edgar Ewing Memorial Award

The National Watercolor Society's 85th Annual
Exhibition 2005
NWS Traveling Show 2006
The Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award

The National Watercolor Oklahoma
Exhibition XXIX 2003
Best In Show

California Watercolor Association's 34th
National Exhibition 2002
The Bronze Award

Taos National Exhibition of American
Watercolors 2001
The Taos National Society of Watercolorist
karen newell blaesing NWS/PWS.sgg
Teaching Experience

Beginning and Intermediate
Watercolor Painting

The Art Box, Lynchburg, VA

Beginning Acrylic Painting
Michaels Arts and Crafts
Lynchburg, VA

Children/Teen Watercolor Workshops
10 to 12 yrs. Four-Day Summer Camp
13 to 17 yrs. Four-Day Summer Camp